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My Father's First Internet Video Chat Experience


I got a call from my mother, who lives three thousand miles from me, telling me that my father wasn't doing well after a bout with pneumonia and she needed a little help. I would do anything for my mother and father so I got the house in order and left my husband and son with a refrigerator full of frozen dinners for my parent's house. It isn't really any big deal because we're only five hours apart by air so off I went to help with my father.

When I got there everything was fine and Pop was feeling better, seems I'd rushed out a little prematurely, but it was great to see everyone. I had told my husband that we would call around the same time every day to keep each other updated. On my first call home my husband asked, "doesn't your sister still have her computer?" I told him that yes indeed she still had it and it worked. He then suggested that I download a copy of the "WebPhone" and we could talk over the net instead of using the phone. So I downloaded the software while my husband (my personal tech-support guy) led me through the installation procedure. I had forgotten about the "WebPhone". We used it to talk to my mother-in-law all the time. We got a free trial copy of it when we bought a new sound card for our computer and thought for its day (mid 1990's) it was fantastic. It even had video capabilities over dial-up and it worked surprisingly well. After the install we connected to each other and there were the familiar faces that I missed starring at me in the video window. I could see them very clearly as long as they didn't move too much in the picture. That was quite a feat as my son was 5 at the time. We called my father over and sat him down in front of the computer and he was speechless. He had never seen anything like this before. It wasn't long until he was pacing, waiting for each video call. He was totally awestruck with the video and the idea of being able to see his grandson on a daily basis. A couple of years later the company that provided the Webphone system stopped supporting the software and we had to return to the telephone.

A year ago we found the service offered by ConnectFriend. We were touched by their program to support our troops and decided to sign up and give it a try. With the new higher speed connections and the list of services they provide family users we quickly got all of our family members to sign up on the service. It has been the best for all of us. Everyone uses the service almost every day. I recommend that if you are looking for a way to stay in touch with your family and help support the troops ConnectFriend is definitely worth a try.

In closing I would like to say thank you ConnectFriend for bringing my family closer. You guys have an AWSOME service.

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