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Dad Stays in Touch While On Business


I travel quite a lot for my company. My business takes me to several cities all over the US and having a cell phone is great but being able to see my 5 year old son and wife while we talk is super.

We have tried to use our favorite messenger but some of the hotels and offices that I am in have firewalls to deal with.

I read an article on the internet about connectfriend and thought Iíd give it a try. Connectfriend has turned out to be a really convenient service for me and my family because I can post messages for my wife to pick up at her convenience. I carry a laptop with a headset and a laptop Logitech webcamera with built in wireless. At home we have a wireless router, a desktop PC and a laptop set up the same as my company laptop. My wife usually uses the laptop because she can move from room to room or even outside while we talk. I was really surprised at how well the connectfriend video messenger works even on wireless connections. I can hear and see my family in almost real time video.

As an added bonus I am very pleased that the two accounts that I pay for on here enable four free troop accounts. I was one of those guys that wanted to do something to support the troops but hadnít decided what to do or how to proceed. Connectfriend allows me to have access to a good service while supporting our soldiers.

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