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ConnectFriend is safe, secure, and anonymous.

This site is designed to protect our member's identity and allow only "on-site" contact.  Listed right you will find some "common sense" guidelines that will help you maintain anonymity for the highest level of security.  Club555networks, Inc. provides this information as a guideline only and does not warranty it's effectiveness.

Unfortunately meeting on the internet is not without its potential safety risks and concerns.  It is not the intent of ConnectFriend to discourage but rather encourage online friendships in the most safe and secure setting possible.

Above all be safe and have fun!  Online friendships can be very fulfilling and long lived.  Please enjoy your time with ConnectFriend. We wish to enjoy a long relationship with you and your needs.

  • Be cautious with your phone number and address- never give out your address or phone number. If they give you their phone number and ask you to call them remember they may have caller id.

  • Never give out your last name. If you’re listed the phone book, it's not difficult to be found.

  • Use caution when providing details-never mention your place of employment. They’ve seen your picture…they can spot you.

  • Never assume that because someone says they live clear across the country, they do. They could live right in your own neighborhood.

  • When discussing hobbies or routines it’s ok to mention, "I work out", for example, but don’t say where or when.  Keep your details unspecific.

  • Remember, you are talking to someone you don't know. Keep information generic.

  • If you decide you want to meet someone in person, suggest a meeting with a group of friends or meet at a public place...a coffee house.

  • Keeping Families in Touch
    03/30/2007 04:00 PM
    Kurdistan is in Iraq, Right?
    In northern Iraq there is an under-reported territory that has been avoided by American news sources. There is little mention of the success that Kurdistan has had ridding itself of insurgent activity and avoiding the wrath of war that the majority of Iraq experiences on a daily basis. The Kurdish people are enjoying a democracy and setting an example of what could be for the rest of Iraq. Our troops have done an outstanding job in the country of Iraq. The glimmer of hope that Kurdistan provides is a testament to that fact. The shining hope of democracy that Kurdistan symbolizes is a validation that our sons, daughters, husbands and wives who so valiantly sacrificed their lives was not in vain. It is the sacrifices of the families and soldiers that have given hope to the people of Iraq.
    03/19/2007 04:00 PM
    Condoleezza Rice Raising Concerns about Iran
    With the recent developments concerning Iran should we be concerned about a pre-emptive war with Iran. Operating under the assumption that Iran has midrange missile capability, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice proposes a missile defense initiative with possible sites in Poland and the Czech Republic.Could this posturing be preliminary planning for a pre-emptive action against Iran who continues to forge ahead with a request to plead its case for a nuclear program to the United Nations in New York?
    06/01/2006 04:00 PM
    Should We Be in Iraq?
    As the political arena heats up with conjecture pro and con on the war in Iraq we are reminded not to forget the victims of the conflict. Early in the beginning there were stories circulating in the media about weapons of mass destruction being moved from Iraq to Syria to hide them from the NATO inspections. President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney informed us of Saddam's stockpiles of nuclear and bioligical weapons and how we needed to stop him from using them against the U.S. or Israel. There is no doubt that Saddam committed crimes against his people and needed to be removed from power in order to stop him. Now years into the war the media grows skeptical of the reasons why the United States declared war on terror. Through all of this hype we have to remember our troops.
    03/26/2006 04:00 PM
    Iraq Conflict Could Linger for a Decade or More
    Well the cat is out of the bag as we discovered that the President of the United States expects the conflict to potentially be passed on to more than the next administration.
    07/05/2005 04:00 PM reviewed by VFW Commander John Furgess
    The Veterans of Foreign Wars was interested in providing our troops with a system that would allow military personnel to stay connected with friends and family while they were deployed abroad. John Furgess, Commander of the VFW, visited online with our CEO, Joe Eichler, about the possibilities of
    07/06/2005 04:00 PM
    Soldier uses from Iraq
    ConnectFriend received high marks from a soldier stationed in Iraq as he uses the video messenger and text chat rooms to communicate with his fiancee who lives in North Carolina.
    07/08/2005 04:00 PM
    Thank You let's get the word out about!
    We thank you for your generosity supporting our Troops. We, also, feel the need to do something to show our gratitude to the many Men and Women of the Armed Services scattered throughout the world, which are sacrificing so much for our Country.
    07/19/2005 04:00 PM
    Dad Stays In Touch With Family While On Business
    I travel quite a lot for my company. My business takes me to several cities all over the US and having a cell phone is great but being able to see my 5 year old son and wife while we talk is great. I read an article on the internet about connectfriend and thought I would give it a try. Connectfriend has turned out to be a really convenient service for me and my family because I can post messages for my wife to pick up at her convenience. I carry a laptop with a headset and a laptop Logitech webcamera with built in wireless nic card. At home we have a wireless router, a desktop PC and a laptop set up the same as my company laptop. My wife usually uses the built in microphone and speakers on the laptop so that both my son and she can hear me while carrying the laptop around the house and out to the patio with them. Its kind of like a speaker phone with live video. I was really surprised at how well the connectfriend video messenger works even on wireless connections. I can hear and see my family in almost real time video.
    07/09/2005 04:00 PM
    My Father's First Internet Video Chat Experience
    I got a call from my mother, who lives three thousand miles from me, telling me that my father wasn't doing well after a bout with pneumonia and she needed a little help. I would do anything for my mother and father so I got the house in order and left my husband and son with a refrigerator full of frozen dinners for my parent's house. It isn't really any big deal because we're only five hours apart by air so off I went to help with my father.
    07/11/2005 04:00 PM wants to hear your stories
    Friends and family send us your stories about how connectfriend has helped to bridge the distance gap within your family and friends. Our service provides a way for users to stay in touch with family and friends who are separated by business travel, kids away at college, military personnel who are stationed elsewhere in the country or the world. Tell us how ConnectFriend has helped you.