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Friends and family send us your stories about how connectfriend has helped to bridge the distance gap within your family and friends. Our service provides a way for users to stay in touch with family and friends who are separated by business travel, kids away at college, military personnel who are stationed elsewhere in the country or the world.

Users are encouraged to email their stories to us and if we use your story you will be awarded a free 6 month membership.

We provide broadband voice, VOIP, and video services over the internet. The video is near real time and the audio is crystal clear, comparable to telephone. In addition to providing live video conferencing tools we also have integrated the ability for users to use their favorite instant messenger tools.

Post and rotate pictures for your family and friends. Users may have up to five photos posted on their profile. The photos can be made private or public allowing members total control over who sees their pictures.

Make ConnectFriend your one-stop family portal site. Tell all your friends about us.

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Our Users Feedback Section
07/09/2005 04:00 PM
My Father's First Internet Video Chat Experience
I got a call from my mother, who lives three thousand miles from me, telling me that my father wasn't doing well after a bout with pneumonia and she needed a little help. I would do anything for my mother and father so I got the house in order and left my husband and son with a refrigerator full of frozen dinners for my parent's house. It isn't really any big deal because we're only five hours apart by air so off I went to help with my father.
07/19/2005 04:00 PM
Dad Stays In Touch With Family While On Business
I travel quite a lot for my company. My business takes me to several cities all over the US and having a cell phone is great but being able to see my 5 year old son and wife while we talk is great. I read an article on the internet about connectfriend and thought I would give it a try. Connectfriend has turned out to be a really convenient service for me and my family because I can post messages for my wife to pick up at her convenience. I carry a laptop with a headset and a laptop Logitech webcamera with built in wireless nic card. At home we have a wireless router, a desktop PC and a laptop set up the same as my company laptop. My wife usually uses the built in microphone and speakers on the laptop so that both my son and she can hear me while carrying the laptop around the house and out to the patio with them. Its kind of like a speaker phone with live video. I was really surprised at how well the connectfriend video messenger works even on wireless connections. I can hear and see my family in almost real time video.
07/27/2005 04:00 PM
Soldier Uses ConnectFriend While in Iraq
ConnectFriend received high marks from a soldier stationed in Iraq as he uses the video messenger and text chat rooms to communicate with his fiancee who lives in North Carolina - "It was nice to be able to see and hear my fiancee within ConnectFriend it has been a few months since I was able to actually see her thank you for providing us the service free for military use".