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Captain in 264th uses ConnectFriend with fiancée


Soldier uses our service from Iraq!

ConnectFriend received high marks from a soldier stationed in Iraq as he uses the video messenger and text chat rooms to communicate with his fiancée who lives in North Carolina - "It was nice to be able to see and hear my fiancée within ConnectFriend it has been a few months since I was able to actually see her…thank you for providing us the service free for military use".

Many of the families who have signed up to use ConnectFriend take full advantage of all the features. They will post video clips for their troop member to view and audio clips for them to listen to. They use the on-site message system to leave notes for the soldier to pick up when they are able to log into ConnectFriend. We hear that since the soldiers in Iraq are not on a time schedule it is nice to be able to retrieve messages left by their loved ones without necessarily having to schedule a meeting time for video chat sessions. They save the video chat system for time they are able to schedule off.

If you are looking for a way to support our troops purchasing an account to use the service helps provide 2 free military accounts and you get a value add service too. Consider joining ConnectFriend and help a military family stay in touch.

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