ConnectFriend Military Memberships

Military families are encouraged to sign-up and
use our services to communicate with the troops
who are actively serving our country.

Two free "Gold" memberships will be available
for each qualified military account.  Below are the steps
to activate your free memberships:

1)   Register two accounts in our system as a
      free membership one for you and one for
      the troop member (two separate email addresses required)
      you will receive two confirmation emails from
      our secure mailserver follow the instructions
      to activate your two free accounts.

2)   Send us an email with a
      proof of active duty status
      Check Military Acct Requested box on Register page
      to access the D.O.D. page to run your report.
      (Duty Status Verification Report from D.O.D.)
      along with the usenames, email addresses
      and passwords of the two accounts you created to:


Your two accounts will be elevated to "Gold" to allow you
access to the Video system.  The Video and Audio systems
are provided by and