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Kurdistan is in Iraq, Right?


Kurdistan is a prospering, a thriving example of democracy in the face of a war torn country

In northern Iraq there is an under-reported territory that has been avoided by American news sources. There is little mention of the success that Kurdistan has had ridding itself of insurgent activity and avoiding the wrath of war that the majority of Iraq experiences on a daily basis. The Kurdish people are enjoying a democracy and setting an example of what could be for the rest of Iraq.

Kurdistan is promoting itself as an “oasis” as it pursues businesses and tourism. Adopting Western influences helps validate Kurdistan’s claim that it is a peaceful and stable region. In current news we have seen a Kurdish television shows that mirror “American Idol” unite the people from Kurdistan to Baghdad.

Kurdistan is the largest economy in the Middle East right now. They have attracted visits from United States businesses including Ford, General Motors, Cummins, Motorola, Federal Express and DaimlerChrysler. Several investors from the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Lebanon, are there already.

Kurdistan is a shining hope for the rest of Iraq. Once the people of Iraq unite and establish a true democracy they too can embrace the economic success and peace that their neighbors to the north enjoy. There is no easy solution to getting out and bringing our troops home. Our exit has to be carefully planned to give Iraq the opportunity to get on their feet and follow the example of Kurdistan.

Our troops have done an outstanding job in the country of Iraq. The glimmer of hope that Kurdistan provides is a testament to that fact. The shining hope of democracy that Kurdistan symbolizes is a validation that our sons, daughters, husbands and wives who so valiantly sacrificed their lives was not in vain. It is the sacrifices of the families and soldiers that have given hope to the people of Iraq.

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