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Iraq Conflict Could Linger for a Decade or More


Military Familes Faced with Longer Deployments!

Well the cat is out of the bag as we discovered that the President of the United States expects the conflict to potentially be passed on to more than the next administration. It is a valiant gesture that our fighting men and women give to our nation in their service. Without their sacrifices we might have had to face the terrorist at home, on American soil, in our towns and neighborhoods.

Fighting terrorism is unlike any conflict that we have faced as a nation to date. As the conflict wages on the total size of our military deployment coupled with the potential term of conflict resolution increases our troop tours of duty. Military families are forced to bear the high cost of emotional and financial challenges.

Our sons, daughters, wives, fathers and mothers will be deployed for increasingly extended tours. Divorce rates among our troops is astronomically higher than the civilian divorce rate. It is the extended assignments, financial burdens of military spouses, and the distance, the overwhelming distance between families and the deployed soldiers.

Simple day to day tasks that we as civilians take for granted require unimaginable forethought and planning within families separated by the conflict in Iraq. Days and even weeks pass between communications between military families. Phone calls are expensive and letters are delayed. There is simply no effective immediate communication for these families.

ConnectFriend was designed as a portal for these types of hurdles. Most military installations are afforded Internet access. Within the portal families have the ability to send email messages, post pictures from home, record and upload video and audio clips for the troops to access when they have time. Our video conferencing system, which requires no software installation, can be used 24 hours a day seven days a week. There are no restrictions or weeks of preplanning required for access to the system. It is available as the soldier's time permits. For the times between the other services onsite provide for immediate contact through our text chat rooms and private text chat system.

All the services offered on are free to active military, whether deployed abroad or domestically. Non-military users may use the services and their monthly fees go to offset the costs of providing the free military accounts. If you or your family would like to do something to support our troops please consider signing up at ConnectFriend and you will have a value service with video conferencing while helping our troops stay in touch with their families.

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