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As the political arena heats up with conjecture pro and con on the war in Iraq we are reminded not to forget the victims of the conflict. Early in the beginning there were stories circulating in the media about weapons of mass destruction being moved from Iraq to Syria to hide them from the NATO inspections. President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney informed us of Saddam's stockpiles of nuclear and biological weapons and how we needed to stop him from using them against the U.S. or Israel. There is no doubt that Saddam committed crimes against his people and needed to be removed from power in order to stop him. Now years into the war the media grows skeptical of the reasons why the United States declared war on terror. Through all of this hype we have to remember our troops.

Our troops are putting their lives on the line day in and day out defending the fundemental rights that our country was founded on. With deployments getting longer families are being torn apart and the divorce rates in the military are higher than those of non-military families. Military families are slipping behind in financial ruin as benefits dwindle. Our troops and their families need help. There are many foundations and causes that attempt to offset some of the stresses that todays military families are faced with. That is why it is so important to ConnectFriend to give back. Each dollar that our users spend on services here go toward covering the operating expenses associated with providing free video conferencing for active military.

We all have to put our political feelings aside and do what is right for our country. It is counter-productive to point the finger. Rather, we need to put on our humanitarian hats and remember what our soldiers who are so far away face an enemy without question so that we can enjoy our freedom. Being able to see and hear their loved ones is a blessing. We have created a family portal that gives them the ability to see pictures from home, watch videos and listen to audio clips from loved ones, chat live in private text chatrooms and use webcams to see and hear their families live over the internet. Won't you join us to help keep this service free for our troops.

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