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06/24/2018 07:26 PM
Analysis Turkey Elections: Erdogan's Win Paves the Road Toward Autocracy
With more than 90 percent of the votes counted Sunday night, one could predict with a great deal of certainty that Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be Turkey’s president until 2022 without having to contend in a second round.
06/24/2018 07:14 PM
Kushner to Palestinians: Don’t let your leaders reject a plan they haven’t seen
Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner appealed directly to the Palestinian people, urging them to not let their “scared” leadership reject the Trump administration peace plan, which the Palestinian Authority has yet to see. Directly critiquing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, he said he was not sure Abbas truly wanted an accord.
06/24/2018 07:11 PM
Pro-Assad troops take over Golan UN post in demilitarized area on Israeli border
Forces loyal to the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar Assad took control of an abandoned UN post in the no-man’s land between the Israeli and Syrian areas of the Golan Heights, Israel’s Kan public broadcaster reported on Sunday.
06/24/2018 06:34 PM
Dozens reported dead in Nigeria after 'deeply unfortunate killings'

06/24/2018 06:32 PM
Russian Airstrikes Hit Southwest Syria, Breaking a Cease-Fire Deal

06/24/2018 06:30 PM
FEMA Honoring Christian Rapper Angie Rose for Aiding Puerto Rico After Hurricane Devastation

06/24/2018 06:28 PM
Firefighters battling blaze in Spring Valley CA that triggers evacuations

06/24/2018 06:18 PM
U.S. plans limits on Chinese investment in U.S. technology firms

06/24/2018 06:11 PM
Erdogan proclaimed winner in Turkey presidential election

06/24/2018 06:10 PM
Protests continue along the Texas border as more than 2,000 separated children remain in custody